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Em Kempster

Em Kempster

Em Kempster is a visual artist working to express the disconnect between the physical and the digital in their work through the use of narrative in sculpture and video installation in their degree. Their works use primarily found material, whether it be found footage from online archives or objects and images found from the streets of Sheffield and its canals. The work they produce echoes questions of value and what it means in relation to the wider world, particularly with the abundance of information available to the average person alongside a society that is built upon the mass produced.

Kempster aims to make their works viewer question themselves, almost becoming hyperaware of their surroundings, their own actions, and patterns present in everyday life. This awareness drives the work they produce to bring awareness to the wider political and climate crises that ever present in today’s everyday living.

Kempster has been a freelance artist, producing personalised portrait and abstract commissions for several years.