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Jack Hinson

Jack Hinson

Jack Hinson is a 20-year-old Fine Art student at Sheffield Hallam University currently in his final year.

His passions are fashion and screen printing onto T-Shirts and creating his own designs for his brand See Through To The Greys (S.T.T.T.G): A brand built on imperfection. S.T.T.T.G represents the ideologies of accepting yourself for who you are, looking at your flaws as unique traits as opposed to negative aspects about yourself. Hinson has Asperger’s Syndrome, is autistic and dyslexic. The term See Through To The Greys is really a coping mechanism for seeing the other side in a situation. In Hinson’s case sometimes he can see things in black and white exactly for what they are.

Hinson plans to establish his own independent clothing line making one-off garments which have the same value as paintings hung in museums.