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Sitong Zhou

“Help people recognize the lies in life, and cause viewers to think, so that people treat lies more carefully”.



Sitong Zhou has made an interactive work LIE using traditional illustrations but designed to spread via new media, to interrogate notions of truth in the modern, connected world.

More and more people choose to make friends, work, find information, read and play on the Internet in modern society. But although people’s access to information is ever more and more abundant, their capacity to use this is finite. More can make it harder to decide which book is needed, which restaurant is the best, which TV program is more in line with our values or which game is more worthy of attention.

All kinds of exaggerated and absurd methods to package all kinds of news and information. As Zhou says: “There are always various kinds of lies in people’s lives, some of which are white lies, some malicious lies, and some even unavoidable misunderstandings of language. But increasingly people have no way of knowing whether news is real and social media fills our lives like a delicate and colossal LIE”.

Hand Model
Top Clock
Final Work