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Laura Foster
Collaborative Co-working Space, Sellers Wheel, Sheffield
Laura Foster
Collaborative Co-working Space, Sellers Wheel, Sheffield

Laura Foster has created a co-working studio space that is designed with sustainability at the forefront of every decision and, more importantly, how this will impact the people working within the space.

The space is designed for graduates and young professionals, offering a bookable workshop, studio, and desk spaces to house a variety of creative individuals. It is designed as a stepping stone for graduates and young professionals into the creative industry, offering space and equipment to explore and develop ideas.

The design encourages collaboration between creatives, based on research of the effects of sustainable office space and Foster’s personal experience through the Covid-19 lockdown, with a lack of access to facilities and a place like-minded people can meet affecting her in particular.

She focused specifically on utilising natural light, creating thermal comfort, increasing air quality, and biophilic design, which she discovered through her research on sustainable office design. She has created a sustainable space and a healthy office environment for users to work and socialise.

Sellers Wheel Section
A perspective section that shows the relationship between Tamper coffee, the co-working space, and the student accommodation that all surround a central courtyard space.
Photography Studio
Double-height photography studio featuring a balcony enabling people to look down into the space..
Office Space
The second floor office space featuring bookable desk space with computers, with ventilation running throughout the space to maintain thermal comfort and biophilia to reduce stress and unburden the cognitive system.
Office and Soft Seating Isometrics
The ‘clean’ side of the space, featuring an office space with bookable desk spaces and a meeting room that can be separated by a curtain, along with a soft seating area for casual conversations with a kitchenette.
Studio and Workshop Isometrics
The ‘messy’ side of the co-working space, featuring studio space with room to create pottery, paintings and places to pin-up and collaborate on work, and workshop spaces that house facilities for woodworking and jewellery making.