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Debby Wang
Are You There?
Debby Wang
Are You There?

Can contemporary jewellery objects that encourage interaction help us to imagine connecting with and observing alien life?

Debby Wang has explored the existence of alien civilizations to understand how individuals in our increasingly atomised society might regain their curiosity about the future and the unknown, and stimulate their creativity and imagination. Her playable, geometric jewel devices lead the wearers to find their childhood ‘self’ in the play, whilst encouraging them to look afresh at their environment. She urges us to “Live in the present.”

Wang’s jewellery explores issues through narrative – for example environmental waste pollution or endangered animals, She plans to return to Taiwan and set up a personal studio and brand.

Sun Locator
Gilding metal, optic prismatic cube, brass, polymer clay, Swarovski crystal. 2021, 12x5x9cm
Sun Locator
Find the Light Source
Gilding metal, Swarovski crystal, copper, brass, optic prismatic cube. 2021
Deviation Telescope
Gilding metal, Swarovski crystal. 2021. 5.5x3.5x3.5cm
Triangle Indicator
Gilding metal, Optic prismatic cube, Brass, Polymer clay. 2021. 3x4x1cm
Secret Realm Map
Gilding metal, Swarovski crystal, steel, copper. 2021. 3x4.5x0.5cm
Rotating Observation Ring
Sterling silver, acrylic. 2021. 6.5x3x3cm
Rotating Observation Ring
Space Exploration Box Set
Gilding metal, Swarovski crystal, steel, copper, brass, optic prismatic cube. 2021. 14x7x6cm