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Isabel Alderton
Boris’s Lunchbox
Isabel Alderton
Boris’s Lunchbox

Boris’s Lunchbox was made in response to the Covid-19 School Lunch Scandal, when a contract to provide holiday food parcels to children receiving free school meals, turned out to be the supply of meagre selection of snacks, bottled water and portioned vegetables.

The Covid-19 pandemic exposed the politics of food distribution to a wider audience – arguably the most significant politicisation of food since World War 2, with food advertising suddenly crossing into political discourse around wealth, labour, and distribution. 

Satirising the visual language of recognisable childhood snacks, each item inside the lunchbox reflects a failure of government policy during the pandemic.

Short and Sweet
'Salt and Shake' crisps
Lunchbox Stickers
Plastic lunchbox
Crisps and Winder
'Short and Sweet' and 'Dom’s Trip' comic strip packaging
Matt Half-Cocked
Milk Carton
Open Lunchbox
Plastic lunchbox with food packaging inside