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Harriet Crossley
Change Is Now

Change Is Now is a project of Gen Z activism, focusing on the movements of Black Lives Matter, climate change, and LGBTQ+. The aim of Harriet Crossley‘s project is to show the positive side of activism and its importance to society and Gen Z. It also educates the older generation about activism and encourage future generations to carry on the torch.

Rebel for life – HARRIET CROSSLEY
06/02/2021 427 x 640 cm
Save our planet – HARRIET CROSSLEY
JPEG 06/02/2021 516 X 640 cm
I can’t breathe – HARRIET CROSSLEY
JPEG 07/03/2021 412 X 640 cm
You fucked with the wrong generation – HARRIET CROSSLEY
JPEG 26/03/2021 520 X 640 cm
JPEG 06/02/2021 1136 X 793 cm
We have the right to be heard – HARRIET CROSSLEY
JPEG 07/03/2021 1136 X 803 cm