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Quynh Anh Doan
Quynh Anh Doan

Quynh Anh Doan has developed an app to strengthen emotional intelligence (EI). Combining the common activity of film watching with insights from psychological research, the app enables users to develop, understand, and monitor their EI while continuing to enjoy their hobbies. By recording their emotions, the app encourages the user to emotionally invest in and connect deeper with a film and its characters, thereby learning and improving emotional intelligence skills that help with managing emotional and social issues in real life.

COVID-19 made emotional stability and understanding a precious resource that requires care and attention for everyone. With many people spending more time at home by themselves, the app pays active attention to individuals’ mental well-being and remain emotionally secure.

Cinemind Logo
Cinemind App Home Screen
Mood Meter
Select your moods with the Mood Meter
Choose film, complete tasks and see results
Recorded interactive prototype.