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Finlay Killowe
English Oak
Finlay Killowe
English Oak

Finlay Killowe designed this project to bring people closer to trees through an exhibition based around the English Oak. This specific tree was chosen due to its rich history in British culture. Many oak trees are time capsules and therefore carry with them a lot of stories from the past. Within the exhibition, there are three chairs which through the joinery, form and finish embody various aspects of the oak tree. These include the fork shape of the chair, the ink which is extracted from the oak tree and the mortise and tenon which is known to be the oldest carpentry joint. Within the exhibition, there are nature sounds that fill the room and a screen that plays a simulation of a walk through a forest. The most important aspect of the exhibition is the oak gall ink which stains the chairs and slowly drips in the middle of the room. The intention of this is to slow people down. There is also an interactive element that allows visitors to lay down the paper and watch their own artwork form over time.

Exhibition Completion 4
Exhibition Completion 6