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Michael Hargreaves
Existential Dread
Existential Dread
Michael Hargreaves
Existential Dread

Aiming to make people feel a connection to one another based on something completely non-superficial, Michael Hargreaves’ creative writing workshop on the subject of existential fear included a ‘homebrew font’, poster design and illustrated booklet.

Through his work Hargreave tries to do three things: experiment with new processes and visual styles, deal with unconventional subject matter and inject his personality into the work.

“Driven by curiosity. A bit of an idealist. Romanticism, Impressionism <3. Philosophy. Content: A24, Bright Eyes, Chuck Palahniuk, Alan Watts. Fuck ideologues. Nature lover above all else”

Existential Dread by Michael Hargreaves
Existential Dread
Poster and workshop documentation
Existential Dread by Michael Hargreaves
Existential Dread
Page spread from the workshop booklet
Tenochtitlan by Michael Hargreaves
What would ancient civilisations look like in the 20th century?
77 Zine by Michael Hargreaves
Zine layout and writing - Page spreads from zine. Hargreaves read page 77 of 5 randomly selected books and wrote an article linking them
Nostalgia by Michael Hargreaves
Poster based on nostalgic artwork and observing the present. experimental illustration using pixel art style and a homemade computer program to randomise the composition of elements.
Coexist by Michael Hargreaves
Poster about coexisting with the earth and with our favourite places after lockdown