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Ross Ferguson
ABS (Gloss and matte), Nitrile Rubber

“It’s hard to be independent” – Response from a survey asking questions about life as a blind person. Navigation is one of the most complicated problems for people with visual impairment. Not only is independence affected, but their confidence and ability to perceive the environment around them.

Newly tested, tried and highly effective electromagnetic travel aid technology has meant that people with visual impairment can avoid obstacles, with simple means of notification by haptic and audio feedback. The device has a range of 12 meters, a high frequency provides detection through textiles and compact enough to fit in a 10cm matchbox. The objective of this project was to utilise this technology for an assistive device, incorporating textures, form and feel with ease of use attributes towards someone who is blind.

The sensor module comes with a charging dock, combined with a tactile battery that allows the user to feel if the device is charged. A waist strap with embedded coin vibration motors allowing the user to potentially feel the environment around them

ABS(Gloss and matte), Nitrile Rubber
Charging Dock Render – 24.05.2021
Sensor Module Render Exploded – 24.05.2021
Charging Dock Render Exploded – 24.05.2021
ABS (Gloss and matte), Nitrile Rubber
Product Drawing Render development – 24.05.2021