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Ben Cook
Glide Vinyl Recorder & Player
An image to show the whole product
Ben Cook
Glide Vinyl Recorder & Player

Vinyl record sales are at a 30-year high. Despite this, it is only mainstream artists that can afford to release music in this format. Committing to vinyl for small artists is both expensive and intimidating. Minimal batch numbers of around 300 units require an extremely high upfront cost making it uneconomic. In addition, current vinyl recording methods take place in professional studios and this can put off budding artists who would rather create their early work in the comfort of their own home.  Furthermore, current vinyl production methods and materials are outdated and unsustainable leaving room for improvement. Glide is a product that will enable budding artists and music lovers to create their own vinyl records at home in small numbers at an affordable cost and in a sustainable way. Furthermore, it will improve their experience of creating music in a digital age by providing an on-line platform for artwork creation and sharing.

“As a designer it was important to me to design a product that not only performed it’s function well but was also aesthetically interesting, challenging the traditional record player form and something consumers would be proud to display in their own home.”Ben Cook

An image to show cable management and connections.
Glide rear view-20.05.21 – BEN COOK
An image to show the movement of the vinyl platter from in to out. Also, to show alternative colourways.
Glide motion&CMF – 20.05.21 – BEN COOK
An image to show some of the user interface and details.
Glide user interface-20.05.21 – BEN COOK
An image to show the final model in context.
Glide model testing – Aluminium,PLA.Paper-20.05.21 – BEN COOK