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Olivia Murphy
More Life
Walking in the Wilderness photo

Olivia Murphy’s More Life explores how the manipulation of social media affects our behaviours: from buying habits, time management to social skills.

The overall message is about realising how our own habits can be adapted to accomplish a more beneficial lifestyle, more fulfilled human connections, successful priorities, and freedom from manipulation engines.

The aesthetic for the project was to create a symbolic message through abstract means, rather than more literal pieces. Murphy wanted to provide an opportunity for people to interpret its message freely, sparking conversation.

The two photoshoots symbolise consumerism and the exploration of freedom, which allows us to connect to ourselves, each other, and nature. Her concept film embodies both elements, as well as exemplifying digital overload and the chaotic aspect of social media and the internet. The chronological structure visualises time away from social media and celebrates the simple pleasures of life.

Hands on cheek photo
Hands on Cheek
forks photo
2021, 4000 x 6000
Sat in the grass photo
Sat in the Grass
2021, 3581 x 4676
Grapefruit photo
2021, 4000 x 6000
Eggs photo
2021, 4000 x 6000
More Life Video