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Li Jingzhuo
Non-Existent Products
6 x 5 x 5
Li Jingzhuo
Non-Existent Products

Non-Existent Products Ltd. was established in 2020 by LI JINGZHUO (China) to build a product company with a forward-thinking concept. We are not only producing a wide range of products but have recently entered the field of multimedia products display.

Non-Existent Products Ltd is a prophecy, an ideal that will never be realised, a home for lovers of mental illness.

2-metal-6 x 5 x 5-May 2021 – JINGZHUO LI
1-metal – May 2021 – JINGZHUO LI
4-paper – May 2021 – JINGZHUO LI
6-paper – May 2021 – JINGZHUO LI
5-paper – May 2021 – JINGZHUO LI