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Marvin Luna
Odd Being
Marvin Luna
Odd Being

Marvin Luna‘s project is a reflection of his experience as a gay Asian child migrating to a predominantly Caucasian country. Growing up, he questioned himself before leaving the house. ‘Should I wear something manly to avoid confrontation or should I be myself and wear what I want?’

This dates back to when he felt the most comfortable in his school uniform as the uniform is consistent and a symbol of belonging to a community, something that allowed him to disguise himself, especially being the only Asian student in his class.

The feeling reminded him of the feeling of vertigo and the film Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock was heavily incorporated into Luna’s work through the exploration of prints and aesthetic. The way Hitchcock figured out a way to visually make the audience feel of vertigo, he wanted to similarly create an effect through the use of fabrics and print.

Novak’s Legacy
Illustrations inspired by vertigo, and an expectation to act feminine
Man Up
Illustrations, opposing the phrase "man up" and what it means
Design development
Design process, marrying tailoring and femininity
Graduate Fashion Week
Photograph from fashion week, flamboyant ruffles and school uniform
School Boy
Mixed media digital illustration, bucket hat with frills and dynamic stripes to create a moiré effect
School Boy
Illustration of bored model in designed knitwear, paying homage to Britney Spears’ Oops I Did it Again