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Ross Titherington
OKTA Multi-Fuel Outdoor Cook Stove
Ross Titherington
OKTA Multi-Fuel Outdoor Cook Stove

The North Field OKTA is a multi-fuel outdoor cook solution designed to celebrate user interaction and engagement whilst amplifying the benefits of the immersive experience associated with the great outdoors.

As technology advances products evolve with many focusing primarily on ease of use. The reduction of operational complexity results in less required interaction and detracts from user satisfaction. 

OKTA is an outdoor multi-fuel stove designed by Ross Titherington for those wanting to enhance their cooking experience. OKTA plays with outdoor nostalgia in a bid to associate with positive memories. The stove is completely mechanical and requires user understanding for reliable operation. OKTA’s multi-fuel system allows for the utilisation of a refillable fuel bottle, causing less waste when compared with disposable gas alternatives. The solution has the capability to support future bio-fuels due to the incorporation of an interchangeable fuel jet and the versatility of the multi-fuel system. The stove has two modes, the full assembly and lightweight travel mode. It has been designed to be used fully assembled, however when in travel mode components are removed to reduce the overall mass and increase portability.

Full assembly
Beech, galvanised aluminium, brass, glazed ceramic and ABS
Lightweight travel mode
In context
Bottle cradle
Powder coated aluminium, recycled inner tube and braided brass
Exploded diagram
User manual
Recycled printed paper