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Tommy Caine
Onkalo Museum
Tommy Caine
Onkalo Museum

In 2023 Europe’s largest spent uranium storage facility with start being backfilled 500m below the earth in Finland they called it Onkalo which translates to the hiding place.

The brief initially was to create a warning to deter future visitor’s human or otherwise from complete planetary failure. Caine discovered offerings from scientific groups to tackle this issue including 10ft high spikes in the ground and concrete blocks inscribed with narratives of a demon living below the surface. Despite this, Caine believes human nature would still venture fourth, no matter how scary the landscape. Caine flips the script: and invites visitors in from around the world to see the ultimate dark tourist destination the Onkalo Museum and gift shop.

Acid Umbarella – TOMMY CAINE
Acid Umbrella: plastic umbrella printed with ink and distorted with cleaning products
Dosimeter – TOMMY CAINE
Floor mat – TOMMY CAINE
Floor mat: Bristle floor mat with spray-painted slogan made with stencil
Handle less – TOMMY CAINE
Handle less: aluminium handle broken with axe
Placemats – TOMMY CAINE
Placemats: Cut and engraved acrylic
Placemats stacked – TOMMY CAINE
Placemats stack: Cut and engraved acrylic
Wayfinding – TOMMY CAINE
Wayfinding: Cut vinyl applied to a white wall
Wine bottle – TOMMY CAINE
Wine bottle: Clear wine bottle coated with a wax seal; label printed in matt vinyl
Wine rack – TOMMY CAINE
Wine Rack: Drainage pipe cut into equal sections and placed in a welded steel circle then wrapped in chrome effect vinyl
Enterance – TOMMY CAINE
Entrance: Photograph of a tunnel