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Ruby Sylvester-Jeyes
Presence and Absence
Ruby Sylvester-Jeyes
Presence and Absence

Presence and Absence is a collection of jewellery created by Ruby Sylvester-Jeyes that reflects upon the effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic, exploring both the artist’s personal experience and the experience of people within her community. The series was developed over a year, changing with the uncertainty of the circumstances, with moments of joy and areas of fear that are evident in the designs and outcomes.

Ghost Links Chain
Steel mesh, steel wire, silver and velvet, 2021
Impressions Necklace
Steel mesh and stitching, 2021
Golden Connections
Silver with gold solder, 2021
Enamel Links
Acrylic, silver, steel mesh and gold leaf
Weight of the World Necklace
Fabric, cotton thread and steel shot