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Patrick Nixon
Small Space Food Preparation Knives
Small Space Living Food Prep Knives Patrick Nixon - PADDY NIXON
Patrick Nixon
Small Space Food Preparation Knives

Increasingly small living spaces in new developments and the Tiny House Movement have inspired Patrick Nixon’s modular Small Space Food Preparation Knives.

Nixon’s knife and chopping board set places versatility, functionality and size at the forefront of the design process while the modular design includes everything needed to store maintain and utilise multifunctional kitchen knives in a small space.

With development space increasingly constrained, housebuilders have to be clever with allocating space. Nixon notes,

“This lack of space is leading to a revolutionary design movement of tiny homes and small space living. On the contrary passion and want of good quality products is ever increasing and rapidly growing so companies are reducing the size of material goods to cater to this revolution”.

Dixon is currently working with steel, fascinated by the range of types available, from carbon-rich O1 to low carbon mild steel. Hand crafting from ground stock only using traditional techniques he creates elegant yet useful knives and tools. Offsetting the harshness of cold steel are his handles crafted from varying hard woods with tight grains to mirror the grain of the hardened steel. Dixon is currently developing his skills with hardening of knives and stock removal, both important factors in the manufacture of food preparation knives, both entwined with Sheffield’s own rich knife-making history.

He mines the history and archaeology of knife and tool making, using traditional techniques and processes to create authentic, original pieces for specific purposes, yet beautiful enough to be displayed as artworks in their own right.

Chopping Board Patrick Nixon - PADDY NIXON
Chopping Board
Modular and can be used as both a display unit as well as a functioning chopping board. There is a magnetic strip that allows for the storage of the knives as well as a recess that allows the larger cleaver to be securely stored. Both the chopping board and the display mount have been banded with a hot stamp of Nixon's making. Laminated English oak has been used for the modular chopping board.
Filework Experimentation Patrick Nixon
Filework Experimentation Patrick Nixon – PADDY NIXON
O1 steel and mahogany. "This was the first piece of experimentation that I did, the aim was to create a unique design that could be gold plated"
Walnut and Mahogany handle Patrick Nixon
Walnut and Mahogany Handle
Experimental piece made using layered wood with a generic O1 blank
Hand planished finish Patrick Nixon
Hand Planished Finish
O1 blade with American poplar handle
Vegetable Knife Patrick Nixon
Vegetable Knife
White American oak handle with O1 steel blade, intended for use with meat fish and vegetables
Pairing Knife Patrick Nixon
Pairing Knife
Purple heart and O1 steel, for cutting and pealing vegetables
Filleting Knife Patrick Nixon
Filleting Knife Patrick Nixon – PADDY NIXON
24kt gold plate logo with O1 steel blade and zebra wood scales
Cleaver Patrick Nixon
A butcher’s cleaver for chopping large vegetables, it has a heavy blade to allow for a focused blow. Made from O1 steel and English oak with brass rivets for added handle security, the logo was etched into the blade using a homemade etching solution and jig.