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Ben Dransfield
Summer Haze
A poster for the short mountain bike film 'Summer Haze' created by the artist.

Summer Haze is a short film about Mountain Biking created by Ben Dransfield. The characters ride around the Sheffield area, to showcase the people, the culture, and the city. Filmed over the course of the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown, this work highlights the spirit and drive of the local scene. The film begins at the height of summer and continues until the leaves turn brown and summer becomes a hazy memory. Summer Haze contains various riders and segments filmed to remind the world that, despite the unfortunate circumstances of recent times, we can still enjoy our time in the outdoors. As well as handling the filming, photography and animation on the project, Dransfield also created a logo, advertising campaign and film poster.

Dransfield also presents some of his other works, including clothing designs for his brand Kick Rocks Creations and a design for his Beer O’clock project using Peak District breweries as inspirations for beer can designs.

A digital illustration of a palm tree, bike, and sun.
Good times
Digital illustration, 2020
A digital illustration for Kick Rocks Creations. A design featuring a car in the mountains and the words 'Run for the hills'
Series One
Digital illustration, 2021
A beer can design for pale ale. Made in lino print and ink, featuring a stylised cow.
Pale Ale
Lino print and ink, 2021
A digital illustration of a man on a mountain bike and the text 'Keep er' sideways'. A design for clothing by Kick Rocks Creations
Keep er Sideways
Digital illustration, 2021