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Megan Irving
Can You Find Us?
Chatsworth House Painted Hall Exhibition with Sustainable Wall Light
Megan Irving
Can You Find Us?

Megan Irving has developed an exhibition, Can You Find Us? for Chatsworth House in Derbyshire aimed at breaking preconceived ideas of the challenges of adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

Through her research Irving identified the difficulties people aged 50 and over had in engaging with alternatives to their existing patterns of consumption

“Due to them living and behaving the same way for such a long period of time many people cannot even begin to change towards a more sustainable path. I want to start conversations about sustainable design and start to challenge some of the misconceptions people often have.”

With the needs of older adults in mind, Irving proposes an exhibition at Chatsworth House, a comfortable environment for many of this age group. Her interventions intend to shock but not accuse, preferring to showcase sustainable futures in a format inspited by grand tradition and history of Chatsworth, its architecture and furniture. Irving has replicated eight pieces of furniture, using only sustainable materials and processes.

“The aim of this was to show people that sustainable doesn’t always mean modern, simplistic and minimal, it can actually mean bespoke, crafted, pieces of art work”.

Irving has used her Master’s degree to develop the skills and thinking she honed during he BA in Interior Architecture and Design

“My Masters allowed for freedom to think in new ways, to think outside the box and to think speculatively. I was able to develop my own ‘style’ and use varying theoretical research and even carry out my own primary research that ensured that my designs were well informed and successful. I feel as though my masters allowed me to challenge many of the principles many designers follow and see where the future of design is heading and where me as a designer can fit into that.”

Hand Drawn Clue Card for Sustainably Designed Decadent Table
Hand Drawn Clue Card for Sustainably Designed Chair
Hand Drawn Clue Card for Sustainably Designed Table
Sustainably Designed Cupboard
Sustainably Designed Chair
Megan Irving visual 7 – MEGAN IRVING
Sustainably Designed Banister
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Chatsworth House Ground Floor Corridor with Sustainable Table
Chatsworth House Sculpture Gallery with Sustainable Chandelier
Chatsworth House Sculpture Gallery with Sustainable Chandelier
Chatsworth House Exhibition End Reveal