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Charlotte Dales
That 70s Song
Charlotte Dales
That 70s Song

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, people stayed inside for lengthy periods of time, which can have a negative effect on mental health. Listening to music is proven to have a positive impact on mood and this is what inspired Charlotte Dales paintings, which celebrate singers from the 1970s to who Dales has a personal connection. For Dales, the positive and upbeat music of this era is a huge help in testing times.

Dales is deeply inspired by social activism movements and feminism, and likes to use her voice in her work, even if it does “ruffle a few feathers”. She created a colourful digital comic on body confidence to encourage herself and others. She has also made political statements through embroidery and digital design, in her ‘Eat the Rich’ project. In the future, Dales plans to continue making art that is important to her.

a music poster for Pink Floyd in gouache paint.
That 70s Song: Pink Floyd
Gouache painting, 2021
A political digital illustration of Margaret Thatcher as a fried egg.
Eat The Rich: Thatcher
Digital drawing of Margaret Thatcher, 2021
A T-shirt with a pink political design printed in ink.
Eat The Rich
A T-shirt with a pink political design printed in ink. Ink and fabric, 2021
Embroidered lettering 'Eat the Rich' on a white T-shirt
Eat The Rich
Embroidered lettering on T-shirt, 2021
A digital comic on body confidence with bright colours and text
Body Confidence
Digital comic about overcoming body dysmorphia, 2021