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Elley Witt
The Importance Of Memory
Elley Witt
The Importance Of Memory

Everyone cherishes at least one memory. The common concept within Elley Witt’s collection is the importance of this. How such memories can evoke different emotions or imagery in the individual. Within today’s society, it is normal for memories to be shared on social media platforms or created solely for that purpose. Are we losing the sentimental value of memories by broadcasting them for everyone to see? Would they mean more if we held them close and kept them private?

Within her collection of jewellery and keepsakes, Witt portrays the importance of memory and privacy, establishing how living in the moment allows the wearer to stay grounded and true to themselves. The collection is a comment on the relationships we have with social media and how we should disentangle ourselves from such influences in our everyday life, making the most of the little things in life.

Kaleidoscope 3
Sterling silver, oxidised sterling silver, mirrored acrylic and aluminium coated wire, 2021
Domed Ring And Locket
Oxidised sterling silver, 2021
Slide View Attachment 2
Oxidised sterling silver and blue acetate, 2021
Kaleidoscope 2
Sterling silver, oxidised sterling silver, mirrored acrylic, aluminium coated wire, 2021