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Cho Ying Ng (Suzy)
Trash and Treasure
Cho Ying Ng (Suzy)
Trash and Treasure

Cho Ying Ng has transformed plastic waste into wearable jewellery. Plastic waste has is a huge problem, invading the biosphere and disrupting the functioning of biological systems.

Using materials derived from supermarket food bags Ying creates works of recycled, reused and repurposed waste with a distinctive voice which transcends their physical form. In doing so, Ying explores the perceived value of combining man-made materials with wearable jewellery, raising awareness of synthetic materials and their potential. whilst offering a pathway to reduce plastic waste.

Although Ying believes that having 100% sustainable practices are an unattainable goal, she hopes that projects like these will encourage more plastic recycling, reducing marine plastic pollution.

Free Control
Brass, silver, plastic net and plastic tube
Simple Bloom
Brass, silver and plastic mesh
Framed Oppression
Brass and plastic mesh
Control and Bondage
Brass and plastic mesh