Curated By… KesselsKramer
Curated By… KesselsKramer
Monday, 4 December 2023
Head Post Office and Online
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Established in 1996, KesselsKramer is an independent, communications agency in Amsterdam, London and Los Angeles with about 50 people of 10 different nationalities.

The company is fully independent and has been since its inception in 1995.

KesselsKramer has a wide ranging digital portfolio, as well as a very, very long history in television, print, and outdoor, from the national all the way up to a global level. KesselsKramer has created work in pretty much every form imaginable, including its own product range, do, and an interest in publishing, which led to its own range of photography books, works of fiction, design, and two business books.

KesselsKramer was started by Erik Kessels and Johan Kramer in 1995. From the beginning, the company took on industry conventions, including the decision not to employ Account Handlers and instead encourage direct contact between the people who make the work and clients.

KK Outlet opened in 2007 on Hoxton Square. It extended KesselsKramer’s multi-disciplinary approach by establishing a communications agency, shop and gallery under one roof. After 10 years, and over 100 art show openings, KK Outlet become KesselsKramer London and moved to London Fields, and a better view of the capital city.

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