On campus Wednesdays. 10am - 1pm or 1pm – 4pm. Head Post Office Building, City Campus. Off campus subject to availability.

For a more in depth understanding of our Art & Design disciplines we offer half-day masterclasses. Students will be introduced to one of our disciplines, creatively respond to a mini brief, typical of one we give our students, and hear what careers studying the course can lead to.

*Disciplines are: Animation, Fine Art, Fashion design, Fashion Management and Communication, Graphic Design, Interior Architecture and Design, Illustrations, Photography or Product Design 

Animation: Production Stages in Drawn Animation

Learn about the stages required to take an initial idea into a fully developed drawn animated shot. Develop your idea for a short, animated piece, design a character and their movement. Learn to communicate a concept through simple drawings.

Fine Art: From ‘Verb to Form and Back Again’ 

The process of making, unmaking and remaking is essential in Fine Art practice. Early in his career, the artist Richard Serra compiled a list of actions through which he could work with materials and ideas. In this masterclass, you’ll get your hands dirty and your brain active: we will use the list of Serra’s verbs as a means to explore the creative process through sculpture, drawing and words.

This activity can be combined with attendance at one of our public Transmission talks given by visiting artists, curators, and writers

 Fashion Management and Communication: All Styled Out

Participants are introduced to fashion styling and image-making through a short presentation,  followed by a hands-on styling workshop, utilising new and second-hand garments & accessories for a proposed editorial publication.

Fashion Design: Power of the Visual Research

The quote by Paul Smith, “You can find inspiration in everything. If you can’t, then you’re not looking properly,” highlights the importance of visual research in the fashion design process. This masterclass will delve into the power of visual research and how it can lead to innovative design thinking.

Visual research can take many forms, including photography, art, architecture, and nature. By using a variety of sources for visual research, fashion designers can develop a unique perspective and create designs that stand out!

Graphic Design: Just Your Type

Create a bespoke typeface in this hands-on, tactile workshop. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of type design and create a full alphabet using tactile methods.

Illustration: Mascot Character Design

Join us in learning the basics of character design in illustration, through a fun introduction to the world of mascots, followed by a practical workshop featuring idea generation methods, thumbnailing, and character development!

Interior Architecture and Design: Happy Spaces

With us spending over 90% of our time indoors in the western world it is important that designers create spaces that are healthy and sustainable. In the Happy Spaces workshop, you will learn some simple tips on how to design spaces that enhance wellbeing and explore the possibilities through model making. Be part of designing a happier future.

Wearable Art

Make a piece of wearable art, this hands-on workshop introduces students to the field of wearables by building your own brooch or badge using a selection of ingredients and processes, including: 3D printed parts, handmade metal components, and reclaimed materials.

Product Design: Design Cafe

This fast-paced, collaborative workshop introduces an industry standard design process tool to help you respond creatively and empathetically to a real-world design challenge. You’ll discover new insights by taking a deep dive into unfamiliar territory and define an exciting design brief with lots of potential. Next you’ll develop creative concepts that address your chosen challenge. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to deliver a compelling concept using a combination of sketch work, storyboarding and 3D prototypes.

Future Footwear

What will the trainers of the future look like? In this workshop you will design and prototype your own vision of a future shoe inspired by social change, sustainability, fashion trends, or technology. Work from the silhouettes of popular footwear to evolve your own. Investigate the technical and artistic elements of footwear design, working with card, foam, and other materials to make your vision a reality.

Culture Shock

Participants are introduced to significant fashion cultures and trends, alongside their impacts on consumerism and society. Followed by a hands-on workshop; encouraging students to create informing mood-boards representative of new emerging fashion cultures & trends.

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