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Rory Frost

Rory Frost

Rory Frost is a product designer who has focused on burnout syndrome and the problems surrounding working culture in the UK. The critical design project is supported by research that has been applied to humorous product outcomes inspired by the Chindogu style (Unuseless inventions). These outcomes suggest that the working population, in the future, may imitate inanimate objects as a way to escape reality. This was a perfect way for Frost to highlight an important subject area surrounding mental health, whilst also being able to incorporate his personality and skills into physical products. During University, Frost has worked with various industry experts on his projects, including a traditional furniture maker and a lighting designer. He spent his placement year at contract furniture designer, mrf design. During this time, he learnt about the commercial sector and experienced concept, design, manufacturing, upholstery and installation. He developed both his design and physical skills, improving his accuracy and eye for detail.