Justyna Maksymczak
Justyna Maksymczak
Justyna Maksymczak was born in Głogów, Poland, in 1982. Maksymczak studied at the State Higher Vocational School at Nysa in 2003-2007, specializing in art conservation and restoration, and renovation of historical artisanal items and architectural detail. Maksymczak also studied History of Art at the University of Wrocław and Dresden on a erasmus exchange program. Since 2018, Maksymczak has studies at Sheffield Hallam University doing MA Product Design.

In the future, Maksymczak hopes to continue the work she has been doing during her Postgraduate course and to further develop it. She hopes to develop her own creative practice in ceramics and metal work alongside her work in conservation.

Individual Exhibitions which Maksymczak has been included include:
2012 – Galeria Szewska 36, Wrocław.
2014 - "Autoportrait", Gorlice. Cultural Centre of B.I Antonycza
Group exhibitions:
"The Warhol Effect". 08.2012: Gorlice; 12.2013: Strzelce Krajenskie; 11.2013: Oława

"Our Lemko Girl"
"Nowa wystawa w Galerii Szewska 36 "
"Wroclaw auction catalogue"


Justyna Maksymczak
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