Belemnite and Ammonite

Paige Newall’s work is deeply influenced by the sea, and the effect it has on the objects that float within it. The majority of the materials used have been scavenged from the shores along Whitby, a coastal town in North Yorkshire, through the act of beach-combing. Newall finds themselves drawn to this place as in its rainy, grey exterior lie pops of colour, bustling streets and treasures found in hidden nooks and crannies. 

This series of work examines the relationship between found and created objects. Each of the objects has a sentimental meaning to Newall, based on the time and place they first picked it from the beach. Each piece incorporates ammonite and belemnite fossils alongside silver, using this precious material to fix and transform these fragile objects into wearable items. Newall wishes to make sure that the objects they find don’t just sit gathering dust, but can go out into the world, to start new conversations with people. Within Newall’s work, they view the found objects as just as precious as the metals