Tingting Chen is an artist, designer and maker whose work aims to use craft as a medium for communication between people and society to promote positive attitudes. Chen’s work is concerned with self-worth and how in modern society, we often envy the success of others and ignore our own value. 

To address this, Chen created a tea-set, blending the handcrafted with the mass-produced, to highlight the worth is measured internally and not by external factors. As we drink tea every day, we must ask ourselves: how much is enough? Only the individual can know the answer. 

The piece ‘Nobody (Love is Letting Go’ is concerned with overprotective parents and how this can stymie individuals, leaving them ill-prepared for society. Chen queries: how could they address this problem through jewellery design? And that in most people’s eyes, holding something close is protective- but perhaps letting go is the best protection there is? To display this Chen chose an open pair of hands to convey this notion, as body language is universal.