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Olivia Creighton
Good Spouse Keeping
The first four looks of the line up
Olivia Creighton
Good Spouse Keeping

For this project, Olivia Creighton took inspiration from Dahvi Waller’s Mrs America series. She was influenced by the political fight of the era, and the struggle for women’s rights in recent years. She found that some women campaigned to remain housewives and romanticised the mundane monotony of everyday life. In her research, Creighton saw the dark realities of life for young women. For example, in 1950’s advertising, there is a heavy focus on the expectations and responsibilities thrust upon women, like household chores.

This collection is a juxtaposition of hard and soft, using feminine colours, fabrics and prints combined with thick latex material and bold shapes. The designs detail different aspects of female life, showing all the roles one woman is often expected to fill: the mother, the cleaner, the cook and the wife. It is a narrative of family life, love and desire, contrasted with an underlying tale of horror, enslavement and eerie relentlessness. “American women are suddenly waking up and realising that their perfect Stepford wives’ life, isn’t as perfect as it may have once seemed…”

Growing up mood boards about childhood raising the perfect housewife
Mood Boards
Growing up mood boards about childhood raising the perfect housewife. This looks at the innocence and naivety of children, and the trap for daughters - the desire to grow up.
Development boards showing the draping process that informed Creighton's designs.
Crochet Development Boards
Creighton took inspiration from old crochet/dinner party books and collected a variety of vintage doilies for these pages.
These development boards show the design process behind this oversized floral dress.
Floral Dress Development Boards
The silhouette was derived from a woman’s changing shape through pregnancy and vintage clothing research. The print was hand drawn and printed onto cotton poplin.
These pages explore gloves, which feature in the final designs
Glove Development Boards
This page on gloves focuses on the idea of being held, being owned and being captured, both physically and mentally. Women enslaved to their homes and their families. The words ‘to have and to hold’ are repeated. The different colours and fabrics for rubber gloves are also explored to represent domestic labour.
The first four looks of the line up
Line Up 1
The first four looks of the line up, using fabrics such as hand printed cotton poplin, broderie anglaise, thick latex and crochet cotton dress.
The rest of the line up in the collection.
Line Up 2
The rest of the line up. Using fabrics such as hand drawn print on power mesh, latex, crochet. Also includes a hung shirt, incorporating a metal structure, inspired by a washing line.