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Xiu Jiabao
Greetings from the Depths of Memory
Xiu Jiabao
Greetings from the Depths of Memory

As a person grows in knowledge and age, childlike innocence will gradually disappear. Xiu Jiabao is interested in the study of children and the forgotten, childlike heart that is hidden in the depths of memory.

Children do not have the concept of symbols that are brought by the consumer society. Through comparison with adult society, value is driven by symbols. Decisions are made on the purchase of luxury goods by the symbolic meaning of luxury goods.

Jewellery has always been associated with value. The project attempts to recalibrate the value of contemporary jewellery through personal experience, and cultural and social participation and applies these studies to practice.

A String of Pearls
Pearls and gold
Golden Dream
Gold and silver
Treasure Box
Box, labyrinth and ring made from copper, gold, silver and pearl