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Darja Kalikas
Uncomfortable. Impractical.
Darja Kalikas
Uncomfortable. Impractical.

Darja Kalikas‘ project consists of steel pieces that cause uncomfortable sensations and have impractical uses. The collection of wearables were made to explore jewellery that causes physical discomfort.

The objective was to produce a collection with an aesthetically pleasing appearance using unconventional materials and simple methods. It consists of two sets of charms that could be mixed matched and changed depending on the style, taste, and views on environmental issues of the wearer.

The first set of charms were developed using expanding foam wax and resin, and the second set using tree bark and beeswax. Both sets provide the wearer with an intimate sensation of discomfort.

The Eye Patch (three charms)
Expanding foam, wax, resin, tree bark, beeswax, wax and steel wire, 2021
Charm No. 1
Charm No. 2
Charm No. 3
Charm No. 4