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In an online world, a large section of over-60s still cannot use digital technology for everyday tasks.

Preconceived ideas such as “I have no use for this” and “it’s too unreliable”, are not addressed by standard digital skills education. Charleigh Moore’s immersive learning experience for older adults aims to tackle this. The design is heavily based on reminiscence psychological theories, transporting users back to the 1960s, a time of youth, acceptance and new experiences. Based on a typical Saturday afternoon in the 1960s town, users explore eight activity centre sets based on a housing estate, a high street and a town square. Each activity centre has a digital learning task, such as learning how to buy digital bus tickets at the bus stop activity centre. The colour scheme is carefully planned to affect reminiscence and the positive feelings that accompany this era with a playful twist.

Moore’s postgraduate degree has built on the wide range of skills she acquired during her BA in Interior Architecture, but particularly it is during this time that

“I feel I have developed personality as a designer. I have shown a key interest in speculative design applying this to present societal issues for present day solutions. I have found myself throughout my MA taking the knowledge given to me on my undergraduate degree and questioning and reflecting on the principles of design”

She has recently worked with art materials supplier Fred Aldous on proposals for their new Sheffield Store. “The project was really thrilling as the build was at its early stages and my input felt valid”.