Little Home Interiors
1 – top image – MAYA NAZARIO
1 – top image – MAYA NAZARIO

Mayara Nazario, originally from Brazil and with an Italian descent, is a bilingual student who holds a BA in Interior Architecture and Design. During her MA, she focused on becoming self-sufficient during a world-wide pandemic, and did so by thoroughly researching the e-Design service method that is so common amongst larger interior design organisations.

“Large interior design companies have taken the e-design approach for years! It is very clever, as their normal rate and/or ideal projects would be focused on commercial scenarios, they also offer this service on the side as a way to reach out to those individuals who would want to hire them for smaller and/or cheaper projects.

From her research, Maya has developed a brand and a business plan, and by focusing on what she would be able to offer as a service, and offering these through an online platform, LITTLE HOME INTERIORS was born.

“‘What do I bring to the table?’, you ask. Well, since this is an e-Design service, I will save you time and money. I will understand your style and make a plan around your budget. I will create you a personalised shopping list in order to make your designing journey as easy as possible, and I will deliver stunning renders for you to visualise your space beforehand.

I will also check in with you throughout the whole process as I want to make sure you love what I am offering. I possess a trained eye and a creative mind, so you can surely expect the WOW factor on your finished project; and when I say ‘finished’, I mean from pillows and curtains to wall art and scented candles – To me, every detail counts when designing your dream space.”

As one of her final outcomes for her MA project, Maya has worked alongside the Hallam Enterprise Team, and developed a professional website for the LITTLE HOME INTERIORS brand.