“What influence does technology have on modern design?”


Ebrima Touray has explored a recent trend in design with a focus on functionality, through the development of an augmented reality app for creating and sharing art.

“Function has overridden superfluous design details today, and brands are striving to reduce their core assets, while simultaneously packing more meaning into every element.”  – S. Peate, 2018

Touray has identified a strand of design focused on creating a visual language as part of their whole identity to communicate with their audiences. This transition is in part due to the huge shift towards digital platforms meaning that things need to be clear and visible on a digital screen – a trend propelled by Microsoft’s 2010 Metro design language, where the visual language of the company’s main platforms moved from bevelled and complicated shapes to flatter geometric type shapes with typography as the basis for communication. With the rise of social media brands increasingly need to represent themselves with a clear visual identity.

Tagz Prototype

Tagz Presentation