Their Hands

Using Jewellery with Personal Characteristics to Express Companionship


The Covid-19 pandemic has separated many of us from our families and friends. Worldwide lockdown has increased distance between not only neighbours but also countries. This separation and lack of physical contact between people often leads to feelings of loneliness, anxiety and even mental issues.

Arno Chen’s jewellery highlights our basic need for the touch and affection of those we love, through a participatory making process which tried to bring participants together without physical touching.

“I decided to collect different hand shapes from different people in order to compare the differences between every hand. According to the shape, colour hand the details of joints, the relationship between occupations and the features of hands is also could be recognized. The  hands’ positions – group hugs or more intimate cuddles are different, allowing people to recognise differing emotions represented by wearing place, number of hands and materials. Above all, when the wears put on these “hands” which represent the wishes and physical touching from the families and friends, it feels like they are all around.”