Travel Bubble

“Can we use parasitic methods to give people living under Covid-19 a short and happy journey?”


Bingqing Xia has used a parasitic mushroom to help people escape from the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Three items make up the collection – two Travel Bubbles and one Candy Lab on Fingers.

This set of works is based on the theme of parasites. There are three items in the whole set. They are divided into two parts. The first comprises two works named Travel Bubbles one wraps a small parasitic mushroom inside a candy. When the candy is eaten the mushroom becomes parasitic in the consumer’s body. Holes appear on skin and the parasite grows from these. The other Travel Bubble shows this growth – as octopus tentacles – in the three fingers  you would hold a whisky glass in – the parasite thriving because of parties cancelled by the pandemic!

The third piece, Candy Lab on Fingers is a ring which enables the wearer to make their own travel bubbles – and in doing so find a brief moment of happiness.