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Ellie Wight
Anything exciting going on? No?
Ellie Wight
Anything exciting going on? No?

Wight’s ‘Anything exciting going on? No?’ is a deep dive into the Mancunian accent and dialect. It revolves around a phone conversation between Wight and her parents during the coronavirus pandemic, and is inspired by the work of Georg Perec.

The text is brought to life on each page, using several typographical design choices: mimicking slurs, intonations, pauses and tone of voice. The zine cover and insert have both been risograph printed to bring bold and vibrant colours to an everyday conversation. The insert acts as a dictionary for some very quirky Mancunian slang, allowing the reader a greater understanding of Wight’s dialect and culture. It can also be used alone as a print, a leaflet or can be inserted anywhere into the zine to act as an interruption in the conversation.

1anythingexcitinggoingon_paperzine_a5_12052021 – ELLIE WIGHT
1anythingexcitinggoingon_paperzine_a5_12052021.jpeg - Cover of the zine, printed using soy based inks on a risograph printer
2anythingexcitinggoingon_paperzine_a5_12052021 – ELLIE WIGHT
2anythingexcitinggoingon_paperzine_a5_12052021.jpeg - A double-page spread example from the zine.
3anythingexcitinggoingon_paperzine_a5_12052021 – ELLIE WIGHT
3anythingexcitinggoingon_paperzine_a5_12052021.jpeg - A close up of the risograph printed typography from the insert.
4anythingexcitinggoingon_paperzine_a5_12052021 – ELLIE WIGHT
4anythingexcitinggoingon_paperzine_a5_12052021.jpeg - A close up of typographic design work.
5anythingexcitinggoingon_paperzine_a5_12052021 – ELLIE WIGHT
5anythingexcitinggoingon_paperzine_a5_12052021.jpeg - A close up of typographic design work.
6anythingexcitinggoingon_paperzine_a5_12052021 – ELLIE WIGHT
6anythingexcitinggoingon_paperzine_a5_12052021.jpeg - Cover of the zine