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Degree Show 2020

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Foreword by Joanne Lee

The degree in BA (Hons) Graphic Design, and its specialist pathway in User Experience Design, offer students the opportunity to explore an exciting and expansive discipline. We focus on how visual communication can convey information, tell stories, create experiences and enable people to access the services they need.

The projects upon which students have worked have shown real diversity. They have engaged with the NHS, reflected on social housing, explored libraries, collaborated with a theatre company, investigated creative education, and rethought the online interactions through which brands communicate. The students have responded by developing new products and services, making publications, videos, audio and photography, and creating performances and curated exhibitions.

It goes without saying that our students have had to deal with an unexpected and unprecedented change to their final year education as the course moved quickly online during lockdown. They have demonstrated exceptional creativity and resilience, adapting projects in order to respond to the particular issues of the pandemic or thinking very differently about the position of their work in this changed context. They have shown themselves to be thoughtful, imaginative, engaging and enterprising in relation to the challenges they have faced. We are very proud to celebrate and showcase their achievements here.

Joanne Lee is Course Leader, BA (Hons.) Graphic Design

Aimee Brockley, Let's Get Mad
Aimee Brockley,
Let's Get Mad
Home Premiership Crests
Michael Peters
Home Premiership
Sarah Twelves - An experiment in order to provoke thoughts and conversations around taboo subjects
Sarah Twelves
An experiment in order to provoke thoughts and conversations around taboo subjects
Rebecca Bull, Wardrobe Confessions
Rebecca Bull
Wardrobe Confessions
Hexx Inkworks, H.X.I.W.
Hexx Inkworks