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Hengzhi Guo
Being Eliminated
Hengzhi Guo
Being Eliminated

“To what extent could contemporary jewellery highlight the perceived incompatibility of the elderly with the virtual world?”


Hengzhui Guo’s jewellery aims to promote awareness about the digital divide between the elderly and others. Digital divide means the gulf between those who have ready access to computers and Internet, and those who do not.

Mastering digital technology has become an important part of full participation in society. The digital divide is related to society, democratic and global divide (Norris, 2000), and is multidimensional (Wessels, 2010).

People have unequal opportunities to develop digital skills (Garnham, 2005). Data also shows that people who do not have access to the Internet have low education, low income (CBS Stateline) and old age. She notes: “people of my grandma’s generation often can’t use electronic products exactly like young people can. But this leaves them behind, so I want to help people pay attention to this aspect of helping the elderly”.

Reading Glasses and Honour Brooches
Acrylic and silver, 158x52x160mm, 55x62x12mm and 111x62x12mm
Dizzy Pixel Puzzle Brooches
Acrylic and silver 64x85x59mm
Digital Divide
3D Doodle Pen and crylic 25x27x15mm