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Ramachandran Kannan
Chettinad Architecture
Ramachandran Kannan
Chettinad Architecture

“What role do the elements of Chettinad architecture play in a hot and humid climate?”


For most south Indians, spending summers at their tribal homes brings back recollections of adolescence. Going around shoeless on cool red oxide floors, climbing the mango trees surrounding the house, running our hands over the substantial entryways and columns while playing hide and seek and oil showers on the patio. Homes like this are exude old world appeal their careful craftsmanship perfectly suited to the warmth and dampness of the tropical south.

Ramachandran Kannan has investigated the architecture of the Chettinad house, and their suitability as models for future planning. With architecture reflecting both south Indian and Western influences these buildings, their patios and galleries result in naturally ventilated cool interiors. With many of these houses now in poor condition, due to their original Chettiar inhabitants moving to urban areas, this is an urgent study.

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Interior View