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Charlotte Frankland
Memory Lane

1 in 14 of the 65+ population suffer from dementia. Brain stimulation is known to relax and calm those suffering with this disease. Charlotte Frankland‘s project aims to design in a way that improves brain stimulation for those in 24 hour care because of dementia. Her research was tested with the imapact of the pandemic, as this provided a further element to consider within her designs.

After losing a close family member to dementia, Frankland wanted to know more about the disease and designed a self-initiated project that stimulates the brain and help people who are in need of 24hr attention.

She created 3 elements of designs from start to finish:

  1. The Tuck & Twist is a portable piece of design enabling the resident to sit in their preferred place, relax and be entertained.
  2. The Guide Home is a door design which help residents navigate their way to their bedrooms.
  3. The Peep Hole gives residents the opportunity to experience a day out without leaving the comfort of the care home.
Memory Lane Logo
Tuck and Twist
Tuck and Twist
Guide Home
Peep Hole