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Guilio Pipe
MIRACLES: A Study on Miracles and Removing the Veil
Guilio Pipe
MIRACLES: A Study on Miracles and Removing the Veil
Files made availiable by Guilio Pipe

“A person can expect to experience events with odds of one in a million at a rate of about one per month.” – Littlewoods Law

The subject of Miracles is often clouded in mystery and doubt. Yet, a survey run by the BBC found that 62% of British adults believe some form of miracle is possible today. Guilio Pipe created a publication as an exploratory piece, highlighting his journey researching the subject of miracles.

Pipe became intrigued by the supernatural after having read C.S. Lewis’s book, Miracles. He decided to help people come to the same understanding of miracles by displaying his research using both typography and infographics. Furthermore, he created abstract portrayals of what occurs when the natural and supernatural realms collide, based on Annie Besant and C.W Leadbeater’s book Thought Forms, which highlights a clairvoyants exploration of the visual manifestations of thoughts.

The ultimate goal of Pipe’s publication was to leave the reader in a position to make a more informed decision on whether they believe miracles are in fact possible.

Miracles Cover Video
Cover created in Photoshop with Animation created in After Effects
Page 36-37: Differentiating Miracles
Page 44-45: Science vs Spirituality
Page 50-51: Supernaturalism
Pages 2-3: Inside and Outside Cover
r, 19 May 2021, Publication created in Indesign and mockup created in Photoshop
Page 8-9: A Series of Miraculous Events