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Shi Yun
Social Puppet
Shi Yun
Social Puppet

“How can the technological crisis be shown through the perspective of graphic design?”

Shi Yun has explored the crisis of misinformation to the audience through graphic design. For many, social media has become a fundamental method of communication, but increased dependency on it has consequences – limiting our ability to reflect on what we view and occupying more and more of our time. Shi sees misinformation as a new type of data noise  and this project aims to extract the visual elements of data noise and visualise how misinformation spreads, manipulating and influencing us as it does, through a series of outputs including books, bookmarks, fonts and a language that imitates code.

An interactive element of the project uses electric paint, to prompt audience reactions to social media through touch as well as transparent paper to visualise the transformation from real facts to fake news. A set of ‘difficult fonts’ offers a solution – slowing down reading speed in an effort to encourage deep thinking – as well as challenging the legibility principle of typographic design.

Project Outputs
300gsm silk paper, 150gsm silk paper, cardboard, electric paint, transparent paper and copper tape
Content presentation in imitating code form
Bare conductive electric paint interactive part
Bare conductive paint, bare conductive touch board, copper tape, Bluetooth transmitter, speaker and USB drive
Bookmark Card
250gsm silk paper 55x85mm
A series of books on misinformation
300gsm silk paper and 130gsm silk paper, 180x240mm
Transparent paper in books
130gsm silk paper and transparent paper 180x240mm
Data visualization about misinformation propagation
130gsm silk paper, 180x240mm
Misinformation Books: Key (left) and Influence (right)
130gsm silk paper 180x240mm
The use of number fonts and pattern murals in reality (suppose)