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Laura Host
Suaka Leisure Centre
Laura Host
Suaka Leisure Centre

Laura Host has proposed a project of a leisure centre where mental health is improved as much as physical health, being nourished together to develop overall wellbeing. The leisure centre is called ‘Suaka’, which in Indonesian means sanctuary or haven and inspired by the Bali yoga houses. This facility accommodates a Yoga studio, counselling office, workshop space, and outdoor green area.

Each of these spaces has been created to allow work on health and wellbeing. The yoga studio is a space created to allow the work on physical health, the same way the counselling office enables members to work on their mental health. The workshop and the exterior green space are used by the members as a social area, in addition to being an education, presentation, and workshop space. This is incorporated into the facility to create a social community within a ‘leisure centre’ and adds to the members’ overall wellbeing and encourages further growth.

The ‘Suaka’ leisure centre is created and designed for a target audience of both young and experienced professionals due to multiple researched factors. Suaka was designed to support Host’s design research, where she gathered information about how different colours, lighting, and foliage influence psychology and create a certain atmosphere in a space.

Rendered Building jpg – LAURA HOST
Exterior final visualisation of the Bishops Lodge building, 10.05.2021
Workshop Area Visual jpg – LAURA HOST
Workshop area final visualisation, 10.05.2021
Yoga Studio jpg – LAURA HOST
Yoga studio final visualisation, 10.05.2021
Details – LAURA HOST
Timber-glass construction details, 10.05.2021.
Exploded isometric – LAURA HOST
Exploded isometric of the Bishops Lodge building and the added timber-glass construction, 10.05.2021.
Meditation Corner jpg – LAURA HOST
Meditation green roof garden, final visualisation, 10.05.2021