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Beth Cummings
The Village
Beth Cummings
The Village

This project celebrates Beth McGahon’s rural upbringing with references to particular events from her childhood. The work is created in the style of notices and publications produced by the people within a rural community. The notices on the board have been designed in response to queries about her work. They are there to give clarity to the viewer and provide reasoning for the project.
A small art opening was organised at the notice board in the village where McGahon gave a speech which explains the project. This also allows her work to be seen in the correct environment.

2. The Village – front cover of publication – BETH MCGAHON
Front cover of Parish News publication
3. The Village – example of spread – BETH MCGAHON
Spread from Parish News publication
1. The Village – Noticeboard – BETH MCGAHON
Laminated notices on a notice board – A series of notices are displayed with comments responding to criticisms I received when producing the Parish News publication. They are dispersed in with existing notices.
THE VILLAGE – art opening video – BETH MCGAHON