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Shreya Hebli
Typeface as Graphic Identity
Shreya Hebli
Typeface as Graphic Identity

“How does hand painted type express individual trucker’s public image?”


Shreya Hebli has created a series of zines and other print material, celebrating the Truck Art of India. In a land where there are 22 major languages, different cultures, traditions and beliefs, trucks are specially curated accordingly: a mixture of both words and symbols are carefully hand-painted on the trucks in India. For Hebli, India’s trucks are moving canvasses, with complex meanings

“one who speaks or understands the language may ‘know’ what it means but any translation of the word fails to accurately capture its full sense”.

Hebli has designed a typeface that is inspired by the hand painted type seen on the surfaces of the trucks: bright, bold, and colourful. She has used this to create richly illustrated print – calendars, stickers, and printed typographic zines.

Typographic zine (A4 size)
LIFE IS A JOURNEY in Devnagari script and Urdu language
Typographic zine (A4 size)
LIVE AND LET LIVE in Devnagari Script and Hindi language
Typographic zine (A4 size)
Typographic zine (A4 size)
Inspired by the famous Truck Art phrase 'Horn OK Please' Poster (A3 size)
Wall Calendar
Peel-off Sticker Set
MockUp of Typographic zines in square size
Application of the Creatives