Image by Holly Anne Wilkinson
SW_Signature Work_Wilkinson_Holly-Anne – HOLLY-ANNE WILKINSON
SW_Signature Work_Wilkinson_Holly-Anne – HOLLY-ANNE WILKINSON

An aquarium’s fight for survival due to Covid 19 has led Holly Anne Wilkinson to create fundraising artwork. Available as A3 prints from Wilkinson’s online store, Clownfish’s vivid colour palette, captures the experience of gazing into the tanks of The Deep aquarium in Wilkinson’s hometown, Hull. “The Deep is close to my heart, a place I regularly visit in and visited throughout my childhood. I lovingly worked at this piece, as I wanted to create an artwork full of energy and happiness these unnerving times”.

Wilkinson is an illustrator with a love for analogue practices, despite her digital skills. She often combines electronic with traditional methods like printmaking, brush-pens and inks.

Wilkinson is heavily inspired by nature, animals, insects, botany and the natural environment – and is concerned to protect this. Volunteering at creative writing charity Grimm & Co, where she helped children visualise characters for their stories, has encouraged her interest in illustrating for children and led to create work aimed at young people.

Since graduating Wilkinson has worked on private commissions run her online shop and has taken on a part-time Social Media Role, create content and illustrations.