Remote Habitants
Remote Habitants
Remote Habitants

“Do we know that our daily life behaviour will profoundly impact marine residents in the distant sea?”

People may overlook most creatures lived in our ocean, which seems far from our daily lives. But they are our indispensable partners on the planet.

“The myriad of amazing creatures that require healthy coral reefs for their very survival……If we lose coral reefs, we lose them all.” (Smith, 2019, P264)

Leslye Qin Zhang’s Remote Habitants uses the visual language of jewellery to highlight the threat posed to underwater corals by human activity.

“I want to raise more people to be aware of climate change and the environment, affecting all living beings, including human and sea life. Coral is a vital part of the ocean ecology which we humans take for granted our continuing unlimited economic development endangering the environment.”

Zhang choice of medium: metal wire crochet evokes this submarine world: organic, colourful, soft and transparent, yet meditates on the challenges posed

“The challenge of metal crochet is that every step is irreversible, but the advantage is that every step is innovative. Everything revolves around the design theme, creating new connection methods, structural shapes, and flexible and smooth visual language expression.”